Written By — November/December 2011
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Oops!<br /> <br /> I hate to contradict F.X. Feeney in his article “9/11 Plus Ten” [September/October 2011], but H.G. Wells imagined in his novel that aliens landed in a small English village. It was Orson Welles in his famous WOW radio broadcast who tossed a dart at a map of New Jersey, which landed on Grover’s Mill for the alien invasion. I’ve been there (I’m a native of New Jersey), and it’s a tiny crossroads town with the mill (now not in operation), a general and grain store—and a very alien looking water tower that has apparently always been there. During the radio broadcast, apparently some of the locals took their water tower for an alien craft—and scared the bejeepers out of themselves. In any event, H.G. set it all in England, but it took Welles to set War of the Worlds in New Jersey, where it has been set ever since.<br /> <br /> D. C. Fontana<br /> <br /> Burden of Proof <br /> <br /> I appreciate the September/October issue and the wonderful patriotism exhibited concerning how stories were told about 9/11 and what happened to us. I am, however, saddened and dismayed, and I hope I don’t get blacklisted, shunned, or mocked for not being able to accept the status quo of what happened that horrible day in September 2001. I am afraid there are more questions than answers for us Americans 10 years later. As writers and creators it is our duty, well maybe that is too Capra-like; nevertheless, it is certainly our Patriotic right to question what happened and to not blindly accept what we were told by a government that lied about WMDs, that is lying today about the guilt of Libya’s supposed dictator, that has lied to the first responders of 9-11 who still suffer, and that is currently excluding all firemen, policemen and other heroes from attending the upcoming 9-11 Ground Zero event. Why? To silence protest? To silence our heroes so that false idols may gloat about a past somebody wrote for them? This is an absolute outrage and travesty and shows how low our leaders have gone, and how passive we citizens have become. (Who needs to have proof about Bin Laden’s death? We are all too busy wondering what will become of iPhone 6 once Mr. Jobs is gone and how to sync Lion with Final Draft.) Even the 9-11 Commission, behind the honorable Lee Hamilton, who told me personally that he had doubts, has more questions than Written By apparently reveals in this issue. Is it too harsh to say there is censorship in Hollywood of a kind not seen in some time? Is it too silly to wonder why no major film or documentary has been made or approved of by the mainstream media showing alternative viewpoints? To accept personally that this bogeyman Bin Laden was behind all of our terrorist woes is one thing, but to control and contain, and maybe even inhibit the telling of stories of another kind, from another point of view, well, this is dark indeed and does not bode well for the future of our cherished motion picture storytelling industry.<br /> <br /> Tony Kellam