Cityscape — May 2014
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Guest's Viewpoint

I am very excited to be the new Executive Director of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU). I have only been on the job since January but my time back in the “muni” world has only served to reinforce what a great decision it was. I appreciate the Iowa League of Cities giving me the opportunity here to introduce myself to the League’s members.

Professionally I have always felt like I grew up in the municipal world. As a student at Iowa State University (ISU) I worked during the summers for the Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU). I started out painting fire hydrants and installing water meters. During my last two summers and following graduation I went on to be an engineering intern in CFU’s power plant. After graduating from ISU in electrical engineering, I went to law school at the University of Iowa. I spent the first year after law school in Florida before returning to CFU for eight years as a lawyer and ultimately as the head of human resources. After spending the last eight years in the logistics industry I am very excited to be back working in the municipal world.

IAMU exists to support and strengthen Iowa’s municipal utilities. Our membership consists of 540 water utilities, 136 electric utilities, 51 gas utilities and 28 broadband utilities. The League, IAMU and the Iowa State Association of Counties have come together to form the Drug and Alcohol Testing Alliance (DATA) to help our members comply with employee drug and alcohol testing requirements. Our three organizations also sponsor the Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust (IPAIT) to provide competitive and secure investment opportunities for our members.

Like the League we also provide a variety of products and services to support the diverse needs of our members. While occasionally there is some overlap in services offered, most of our services are specific to the needs of a municipal utility. In some limited circumstances, IAMU provides services of interest to cities that the League does not, and in others the League provides services that interest our members that we do not.

I am looking forward to growing our relationship and collaborating with the League and its members in the future.

IAMU Executive Director Troy DeJoode