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Technifast Boosts Machining Precision<br /> <br /> Technifast, Corby, UK, has increased its machining capabilities to include the manufacture of 32 mm diameter precision engineered fasteners.<br /> <br /> Previously, the firm has operated with a maximum of 25 mm diameter capacity, but recognized the need to increase its ability to respond to customers’ specifications and unique requirements.<br /> <br /> “Our customers are increasingly inquiring about the manufacture of larger diameter fasteners. In a bid to adapt to these requests, we have invested considerably in the machinery to produce up to 32 mm diameter fasteners,” explained Technifast Managing Director, Louis Speed. “Operating in tolerance-sensitive and highspecification markets, we wanted to ensure we were able to remain true to our core values, while adopt the flexibility to accommodate a more diverse range of our customers projects.”<br /> <br /> Mark Gritton Named President of SSW Holding Company<br /> <br /> SSW Holding Company, Inc. (SSW), Ft. Smith, AR, USA, has announced the promotion of Mark A. Gritton to the position of President, SSW Holding Company, Inc., as current President and CEO, Paul M. Kara, transitions to Chairman and CEO of SSW effective immediately. To begin his new role as President, Gritton assumes overall responsibility for the company’s expanding Mexican operations, leading a transformational quality initiative company-wide and continuing with overall responsibility for sales, marketing and product development throughout North America.<br /> <br /> Gritton, a 22-year company veteran, is leaving his post as Senior Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development where he has helped guide its strategic growth and successful expansion into several markets including commercial refrigeration, residential cooking, residential laundry and HVAC. In addition, he has led the company’s diversification into ground-breaking product lines including Spill Smart™ Hydrophobic Shelving. Prior to his joining SSW, Gritton held positions of increasing responsibility in manufacturing management for 15 years with Crucible Materials Corporation, Cooper Industries, Federal-Mogul Corporation and General Electric Appliances.<br /> <br /> Stepping up to fill Gritton’s previous post will be Tom Sommers as Executive Vice-President of Sales and Matt McMillin as Executive Director—Innovation and Product Strategy. Both Sommers and McMillin are seasoned SSW employees with nearly 50 years of combined company service.<br /> <br /> FSL Sees Growth<br /> <br /> In the last financial year, aerospace and defense part specialist, FSL Aerospace of the UK has seen an 18% increase in turnover, and now the company is aiming even higher for this year.<br /> <br /> FSL Aerospace is a world-class supplier of fasteners, fixings and associated components, supporting the aerospace and defense industries since 1985. With its unrestricted product range, extensive product knowledge and provision of specialist logistical solutions like DLF, VMI and Kanban systems, the company is a formidable Player in the industry.<br /> <br /> Following FSL’s £1 million rise in sales in the last financial year, FSL is even more driven to target a further 5% increase this year.<br /> <br /> Richard Woodward, General Manager of FSL Aerospace, said, “Most of the growth we’ve seen has been as a result of signing long-term agreements with established customers, increasing component build rates and extending existing contracts.” <br /> <br /> By building a strong reputation in aerospace through its consistently reliable supply chain management, FSL has been able to establish strong connections with aerospace giants.<br /> <br /> Nicola Woodley, Purchasing Manager at FSL, said, “Managing our supply chain involves lots of variables: people, activities, data and resources, but that’s where our experience and expertise comes in.”<br /> <br /> The aerospace supplier has an impressive 99.3% right first time accuracy rate.<br /> <br /> Woodley added, “Our excellent systems ensure we run a tight ship.” FSL has also ramped up its investments in the last year.<br /> <br /> Woodward added, “Our investments in IT systems mean that the growth we’ve experienced has been handled smoothly by our existing team. I’m proud of how the team has taken on the increased business so efficiently. I think it Says a lot about our capabilities as a business.”<br /> <br /> FSL Aerospace is not only targeting a 5% increase in turnover. But having achieved its fifth consecutive ADS SC21 Bronze Award this year, FSL Aerospace now has the silver award firmly in the company’s sights.<br /> <br /> With its increased drive and clear capabilities, FSL is aiming to develop programs with existing clients as well as developing new clients in the aerospace industry this year.<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> PennEngineering® Acquires Heyco® Products<br /> <br /> PennEngineering®, located in Danboro, PA, USA, has successfully completed the previously announced acquisition of Heyco® Products Inc., Toms River, NJ, USA. Terms were undisclosed and no changes are anticipated regarding Heyco’s operations, facilities and employees.<br /> <br /> Heyco Products will continue to operate as a separate company under the PennEngineering corporate umbrella as the foundation of the new “Engineered Plastics” business platform. The highly regarded Heyco Products Inc. brand will remain unaffected.<br /> <br /> Bill Jemison, President of Heyco, will continue to lead the company with the existing Heyco management team.<br /> <br /> The acquisition is expected to expand opportunities for both companies. With its strong global presence and its existing customer and sales channel relationships, PennEngineering is well positioned to accelerate Heyco’s growth in Europe and Asia. The combined product offerings and global sales and operating platform will provide current and new end-users worldwide with the leading offering of metal and plastic component assembly solutions.<br /> <br /> Semblex Wins GM Award<br /> <br /> Semblex Corporation, Warren, MI, USA, was recently awarded the 2015 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence award. The award is given to specific manufacturing companies and only topperforming suppliers are eligible to receive it. Suppliers who receive the award have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.<br /> <br /> Accepting on behalf of Semblex Corporation was Mike Marcec, who is the company’s GM Strategic Account Manager.<br /> <br /> General Fasteners Adds Key Personnel<br /> <br /> General Fasteners Company, Livonia, MI, USA, a full-service distributor of fasteners and assembly components for manufacturers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Baron as President of General Fasteners Company and General Fasteners de Mexico. Baron brings with her more than 20 years of related industry experience, most recently serving as Lean Distribution Manager at Robert Bosch. Her past experience also includes leadership positions at Federal Mogul and ITW.<br /> <br /> “We are very excited that Jill has Joined our executive team,” said Ken DiLaura, Chief Financial Officer at General Fasteners. “Her extensive experience in operations management, business development and process improvement will prove to be a significant asset to our company.”<br /> <br /> Also joining the outside sales force at General Fasteners Company are Sheila Levy as New Business Development Representative, Midwest Region, and Sandra Ray as Regional Sales Representative, Southeast Region. Both women have a considerable amount of sales experience in the fastener industry and will use their knowledge to provide excellent service to the company’s customers.<br /> <br /> “We are very happy to welcome both Sheila and Sandra to GFC. With their industry experience and proven track records, they will be great additions to our sales team,” said John Kovatch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Bryce Fastener Patent Speeds Fastener Installation Time<br /> <br /> Bryce Fastener Inc., Gilbert, AZ, USA, an innovator of new and improved security fasteners has announced the addition of a USA and international patent to its product line of screws, bolts and nuts. The company developed a new tamper-proof fastener called StykFit™, which combines security and high productivity, giving the installer a faster installation. StykFit is beneficial in high-volume applications where security and fast assembly are needed.<br /> <br /> “Torx-pin, Hex-Pin, Snake-Eyes, and One-Way security screws are over 50 years old, and they’re not reliable in secure applications because the bit-tips are available to the public. There’s also no stik-fit between the drill and bit tip, which slows down the installer. The market needs a new high-tech screw That’s secure and fast. StykFit is fast indexing even while the driver bit is rotating. It’s nonmagnetic so it works with Stainless and coated fasteners, it has an extreme torque threshold and is 100% made in the USA,” said Bryce Campbell, President of Bryce Fastener Inc. StykFit was initially designed due to the lack of proper stick-fit fasteners available on the market. Installers will benefit with the ease of installation Stykfit produces in robotic applications and highvolume installations. Stykfit is made to bear the weight of a piece being assembled with no fumbling, dropping or re-attaching. It can be color coated with a variety of colors from Bryce Fastener's own Brykote™, which provides up to 700 hours of extra corrosion protection.<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> TR Fastenings to Assist with NASA Mars Rover<br /> <br /> TR Fastenings has been commissioned to supply high-strength blind rivets for the ground-penetrating radar system on NASA’s 2020 Mars Exploration Rover. This will be the first time in TR’s 43-year history that the company has provided components for a space mission.<br /> <br /> TR Fastenings Norway received this commission from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), which won a bid with NASA to design and build the Mars Rover’s Radar Imager. The project has been managed by TR Norway, one of TR’s 27 operations worldwide, which is also providing dedicated guiding tools to assist with the assembly process. The radar, known as RIMFAX (Radar Imager for Mars’ Subsurface Exploration), is one of seven scientific instruments on the Exploration Rover, which should help establish whether it’s feasible to sustain human life on the Red Planet. The sophisticated radar imager consists of an electronics box mounted inside the Rover and an ultra-wideband slot antenna mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The rivets help ensure the structural integrity of the radar’s antenna, which is constructed to aerospace standards from lightweight aluminum sheet metal and assembled from several complex shaped parts. These components will be exposed for years to the hostile conditions of a planet famous for its extreme dust storms and temperatures as low as -125°C. The currently operational Rover, Opportunity, landed on Mars in 2004 for a planned mission of 92.4 Earth days but is still in service.<br /> <br /> The new Mars Exploration Rover will roam Mars’ rocky terrain searching for a wide range of Rocks and soils that hold clues to past water activity on the planet. RIMFAX’s ground penetrating radar will send radio frequency electromagnetic waves into the ground to a depth up to 10 m and then detect the reflected signal as a function of time to reveal the subsurface structure and composition. Ground penetrating radar has the capability to reveal subsurface terrains such as lava flows and buried channels as well as polar ice cap stratigraphy.<br /> <br /> Established in 1973, TR Fastenings is the trading business of Trifast PLC.<br /> <br /> Brighton-Best Scholarshop Winners &amp; Other Honorees<br /> <br /> Brighton-Best International (BBI), Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA, congratulates Sean Kimport of BBI-Los Angeles and Melissa Miller of BBI-Atlanta as runners up for the FTR/FTI Scholarship. These two individuals will receive winning vouchers from the Fastener Training Institute. BBI wishes to thank Sean &amp; Melissa for a job well done.<br /> <br /> WIFI@Work is happy to feature its member spotlight on Melissa Rider who is a Branch Manager in Detroit for Brighton-Best International. To read about Ms. Rider and how she is making a difference in the fastener industry, please visit the website:<br /> <br /> And in other news, Brighton-Best International has been chosen for the 2016 Best Booth Awards, Best Character Award at NIFMSE! For Rosa The Proferred Riveter and Proferred Pete—Courtesy of Fastener News Desk.<br /> <br /> JIS Adds Macully Snyder to Team as Consignment Rep<br /> <br /> JIS, which is a Division of Jergens, Inc., located in Cleveland, OH, USA, has announced that Macully Snyder recently joined the JIS team as a Consignment Representative. Macully Snyder comes to the team at JIS with experience as a National Industrial Supplier from a branch located in Mentor, OH, USA, where he was a warehouse and Operations Manager.<br /> <br /> MacLean-Fogg Opens Curtis Plant in North Carolina<br /> <br /> MacLean-Fogg Company announced the grand opening on November 3, 2016, of the MacLean Curtis Mooresville, North Carolina plant, exactly two years to the day from when MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, a division of MacLean-Fogg, closed on the purchase of the Automotive Division of Curtis Screw Company LLC. For 35 years, the 55,000 ft2 Curtis Cornelius, NC, USA plant had serviced the automotive marketplace with transmission, power steering, anti-lock brake and other components.<br /> <br /> MacLean Curtis has built the 96,000 ft2 Mooresville plant, approximately 10 miles from its original location. This new plant lays the foundation for future growth by supporting current customer needs and attracting new customers with an expanded portfolio of products having more variations and increased capacity.<br /> <br /> The opening of a larger and more robust site in Mooresville, NC, USA, is also evidence of MacLean- Fogg Company’s progressive business leadership.<br /> <br /> Lindstrom Opens Canadian Distribution<br /> <br /> Lindstrom, Blaine, MN, USA, has recently opened a Canadian distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Bill Akerfeldt has joined the team as General Manager of the new Canadian distribution facility.<br /> <br /> Lindstrom’s new Toronto Distribution Center will provide the industry with the full range of Lindstrom products and services, along with shorter lead times and lower freight costs. Lindstrom components are now in-stock at the new facility and are ready for immediate delivery.<br /> <br /> TR Fastenings Expands Into Spain with New Distribution Facility<br /> <br /> TR Fastenings, the trading arm of Trifast PLC, has expanded its global logistics and customer technical support resources with the opening of a new distribution facility located in Barcelona, Spain. The new distribution facility’s initial operations focus will be on the growing Tier 1 automotive sector. The Tier 1 automotive sector continues to be an important growth driver for the company.<br /> <br /> TR Fastenings has developed its global footprint over the past 20 years by establishing a combination of greenfield sites and acquired business teams to support major customers on a more localized basis. TR Fastenings said that the opening the facility in Spain is the company’s latest move in a long-term strategy enhancing TR Fastenings’ growing reputation as a full-service technology provider. TR Fastenings selected Barcelona, Spain not only because of increasing customer demand, but also for the availability of skilled personnel, affordable premises, government support and the accessibility to modern manufacturing clusters, many of which are in the automotive, electronics and domestic appliance assembly industries.<br /> <br /> Additionally, Spain has strategic and cultural links with Mexico, which is increasingly important to the TR Fastenings facility in Houston, TX, USA.<br /> <br /> INDEX Fixing Systems Launches New Website<br /> <br /> INDEX Fixing Systems, a supplier of fixing systems, has launched its new website (listed below). Among the main new features of the website, the new platform offers proximity services based on location; secure certificate to encrypt communications; a fluid design, adapted to any type of Terminal (mobile or desktop); solutions based on improving user experience; and a range of free multimedia files.<br /> <br /> Created in five different languages meant to cover the 86 different countries in which the Spanish multinational company provides its services, the new INDEX Fixing Systems website provides software and technical documentation solutions for its users.<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Bossard Expands in USA &amp; Extends Contract with Electric Vehicle Maker<br /> <br /> The Bossard Group is further expanding its presence in the USA into the northeast area of the country with the recent signing of an agreement to acquire Arnold Industries. With its broad product portfolio of premium fastening solutions, the USA supplier fits perfectly into the Bossard Group’s corporate strategy.<br /> <br /> Arnold Industries generates approximately US$40 million in sales annually, and the company serves customers primarily in the electronics, telecommunications, medical technology and energy industry sectors.<br /> <br /> Additionally, the Bossard Group has extended its contract with the leading United States electric vehicle manufacturer.<br /> <br /> The Bossard Group’s close and mutually beneficial cooperation with this leading USA electric vehicle manufacturer has been extended until 2020, thus successfully continuing the relationship initially started in 2010.<br /> <br /> The intensive cooperation between the two companies involves not only logistical supply directly to the production line, but also active collaboration in all aspects of fastening technology. Both companies are also involved in the development phase of new vehicle models. <br />