1000 Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway International Travel Guide — 2011-2012 Edition
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Customs & Immigration

Immigration regulations require each person to be inspected when crossing the border between the United States and Canada. Specific forms of identification are required for travel between the two countries. At press time, recommended forms of identification are: a passport, passport card, enhanced state driver’s license approved for border travel and a NEXUS card for frequent cross-border travelers.

Regulations regarding exemptions and restrictions for belongings or merchandise brought across the international border exist. There may be certain variable restrictions for taking alcohol, tobacco products, certain foods, etc. across the border. Please be prepared to declare all belongings and show receipts for purchases when reporting to border agents for entry.

Immigration and customs requirements are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you obtain and review current literature published by Canadian and U.S. Border Protection Agencies prior to your visit.

For current and comprehensive Customs and Immigration information, contact the U.S. and Canadian Border Protection Agencies directly.