The Atlanta Lawyer — The Atlanta Lawyer October 2012
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Celebrating Service
Lynn M. Roberson

This issue of The Atlanta Lawyer highlights the incredible work being done by our members in service to our community. Atlanta Bar members are continually giving of their time and commitment to better our community through public and pro bono service. Come join us on October 19 as we hold our fifth annual Celebrating Service luncheon to honor the attorneys and organizations who are doing so much good for so many people in need.<br /> <br /> Not only does the Atlanta Bar and its Foundation promote such programs, but most of our 22 sections also engage in pro bono and public service efforts. Our newest section, Public Interest Law, chaired by Haley Schwartz, is off to a grand start and extending the reach of the Atlanta Bar deeper into the public service arena.<br /> <br /> I was recently privileged to attend the meeting of the Public Interest Executive Roundtable (“PIER”) which brings together leaders from a large number of pro bono and public service non profit organizations to share ideas and recommendations. I was so inspired by the devotion and energy in the room – and very humbled. So many top lawyers Spend their careers giving back for very little financial reward.<br /> <br /> Look at the great work being done by our Law School Outreach Committee under the very capable leadership of Dawn Jones. And remind any law students that you know in Georgia or anywhere else in the country that the Atlanta Bar now offers free membership to law students. This benefit allows students to begin early networking and preparing to enter the profession.<br /> <br /> Finally, note the date for the annual Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (“AVLF”) Winetasting, November 1,2012. This event is not to be missed! It is always a great time for mingling with friends (and making new ones) and enjoying outstanding food and wines. I hope all our members will join me to celebrate this very worthy cause.